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Relational Databases for Querying XML Documents: Limitations and Opportunities
It turns out that the relational approach can handle most (but not all) of the semantics of semi-structured queries over XML data, but is likely to be effective only in some cases. Expand
On supporting containment queries in relational database management systems
The results suggest that contrary to most expectations, with some modifications, a native implementations in an RDBMS can support this class of query much more efficiently. Expand
Storing and querying ordered XML using a relational database system
This paper shows that XML's ordered data model can indeed be efficiently supported by a relational database system, and proposes three order encoding methods that can be used to represent XML order in the relational data model, and also proposes algorithms for translating ordered XPath expressions into SQL using these encoding methods. Expand
The design and performance evaluation of alternative XML storage strategies
This paper studies five strategies for storing XML documents including one that leaves documents in the file system, three that use a relational database system, and one that uses an object manager.Expand
Automating physical database design in a parallel database
This work seeks to automate the process of data partitioning in a shared-nothing parallel database system by using the query optimizer itself both to recommend candidate partitions for each table that will benefit each query in the workload, and to evaluate various combinations of these candidates. Expand
Interleukin-6 Signaling Pathway and Its Role in Kidney Disease: An Update
An overview of basic concept of IL- 6 signaling pathway as well as the interplay between IL-6 and renal-resident cells, including podocytes, mesangial cells, endothelial cells, and tubular epithelial cells are provided. Expand
An alternatively spliced isoform of transcriptional repressor ATF3 and its induction by stress stimuli.
The results suggest that ATF3DeltaZip2, a protein derived from alternatively spliced mRNAs, is induced by various stress signals and may modulate the activity of the full-length ATF3 protein during stress response. Expand
Statistical Learning Techniques for Costing XML Queries
This paper proposes a new approach to modeling the cost of XML operators, called COMET, which is the first method ever proposed for addressing the XML query costing problem and demonstrates COMET's feasibility by developing a cost model for the recently proposed XNAV navigational operator. Expand
System RX: one part relational, one part XML
The overall architecture and design aspects of a hybrid relational and XML database system called System RX are described, which is the first truly hybrid system that comingles XML and relational data, giving them equal footing. Expand
Mixed-discrete nonlinear optimization with simulated annealing
A global optimization algorithm for solving mixed-discrete nonlinear optimization problems is developed and presented. The algorithm makes use of a stochastic optimization technique - simulatedExpand