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Multilingual Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Cross-lingual Knowledge Alignment
MTransE, a translation-based model for multilingual knowledge graph embeddings, is proposed to provide a simple and automated solution to cross-lingual knowledge alignment, and explores how MTransE preserves the key properties of its monolingual counterpart TransE. Expand
Efficient Structural Joins on Indexed XML Documents
This paper proposes efficient structural join algorithms in the presence of tag indices using B+- trees and an enhancement based on sibling pointers that further improves performance, and presents a structural join algorithm that utilizes R-trees. Expand
Stable models and non-determinism in logic programs with negation
The stable model semantics for logic programs provides a unified basis for the treatment of negation and non-determinism and it is shown that the maximal deterministic model of a program is a subset of the intersection of all its stable models. Expand
Graceful database schema evolution: the PRISM workbench
The PRISM system takes a big first step toward addressing this pressing need by providing a language of Schema Modification Operators to express concisely complex schema changes, and tools that allow the DBA to evaluate the effects of such changes. Expand
Database Relations with Null Values
  • C. Zaniolo
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Comput. Syst. Sci.
  • 1 February 1984
The conceptual soundness of this approach is demonstrated by generalizing the formal framework of the relational data model to include null values, and the set-theoretical properties of relations with nulls are studied and the definitions of set inclusion, set union, and set difference are generalized. Expand
Optimization of Nonrecursive Queries
A formal model and a precise statement of the optimization problem that delineates the assumptions and limitations of the previous approaches are presented, and a quadratic-tinie algorithm determines the optimum join order for acyclic queries is proposed. Expand
Big Data Analytics with Datalog Queries on Spark
This work proposes compilation and optimization techniques that tackle the important problem of efficiently supporting recursion in Spark and performs an experimental comparison with other state-of-the-art large-scale Datalog systems to verify the efficacy of these techniques and effectiveness of Spark in supporting Datalogs-based analytics. Expand
Advanced Database Systems
Advanced Database System by Carlo Zaniolo, Stefano Ceri, Christos Faloutsos, Richard T. Snodgrass, V.S. Subrahmanian, and Roberto Zicari Preface 1 Introduction Part I Active Databases 2 Syntax andExpand
Negation and Aggregates in Recursive Rules: the LDL++ Approach
A solution that combines generality with efficiency is presented, as demonstrated by its implementation in the new LDL++ system, and a novel and general treatment of set aggregates, allowing for user-defined aggregates. Expand
Automating the database schema evolution process
This paper presents the PRISM/PRISM++ system and the novel technology that made it possible, and focuses on the difficult and previously unsolved problem of supporting legacy queries and updates under schema and integrity constraints evolution. Expand