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A Generic Method for Accelerating LSH-Based Similarity Join Processing
Locality sensitive hashing (LSH) is an efficient method for solving the problem of approximate similarity search in high-dimensional spaces. Through LSH, a high-dimensional similarity join can beExpand
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Secure MQ coder: An efficient way to protect JPEG 2000 images in wireless multimedia sensor networks
This paper presents a secure MQ coder (SMQ) for efficient selective encryption of JPEG 2000 images. Being different from existing schemes where encryption overhead is proportional to the size ofExpand
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A Scalable Framework for Stylometric Analysis of Multi-author Documents
Stylometry is a statistical technique used to analyze the variations in the author’s writing styles and is typically applied to authorship attribution problems. In this investigation, we applyExpand
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A fast LSH-based similarity search method for multivariate time series
Abstract Due to advances in mobile devices and sensors, there has been an increasing interest in the analysis of multivariate time series. Identifying similar time series is a core subroutine in manyExpand
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Privacy-Preserving Similarity Joins Over Encrypted Data
Similarity search on high-dimensional data has been intensively studied for data processing and analytics. Despite its broad applicability, data security and privacy concerns along the trend of dataExpand
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Fast Encryption of JPEG 2000 Images in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
A selective encryption algorithm joint with compression coding is proposed to protect JPEG 2000 images in wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSN). The algorithm selectively encrypts the lookupExpand
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Degradative encryption: An efficient way to protect SPIHT compressed images
Abstract Degradative encryption, a new selective image encryption paradigm, is proposed to encrypt only a small part of image data to make the detail blurred but keep the skeleton discernible. TheExpand
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A Scalable Framework for Stylometric Analysis Query Processing
Stylometry is the statistical analyses of variationsin the author's literary style. The technique has been used inmany linguistic analysis applications, such as, author profiling, authorshipExpand
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Cryptanalysis of secure arithmetic coding based on interval swapping
Arithmetic coding is prevalent in compression for its remarkable performance, and it is also explored to design encryption schemes offering compression and secrecy simultaneously. Joint compressionExpand
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A Hardware-Accelerated Solution for Hierarchical Index-Based Merge-Join
Hardware acceleration through field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) has recently become a technique of growing interest for many data-intensive applications. Join query is one of the mostExpand
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