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Complete Transfer of Perceptual Learning across Retinal Locations Enabled by Double Training
Practice improves discrimination of many basic visual features, such as contrast, orientation, and positional offset. Perceptual learning of many of these tasks is found to be retinal locationExpand
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Rule-Based Learning Explains Visual Perceptual Learning and Its Specificity and Transfer
Visual perceptual learning models, as constrained by orientation and location specificities, propose that learning either reflects changes in V1 neuronal tuning or reweighting specific V1 inputs inExpand
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Decoupling location specificity from perceptual learning of orientation discrimination
Perceptual learning of orientation discrimination is reported to be precisely specific to the trained retinal location. This specificity is often taken as evidence for localizing the site ofExpand
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Stimulus Coding Rules for Perceptual Learning
Perceptual learning of visual features occurs when multiple stimuli are presented in a fixed sequence (temporal patterning), but not when they are presented in random order (roving). This points toExpand
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The essential role of stimulus temporal patterning in enabling perceptual learning
Little is known about how temporal stimulus factors influence perceptual learning. Here we demonstrate an essential role of stimulus temporal patterning in enabling perceptual learning by showingExpand
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Spatial facilitation predicted with end-stopped spatial filters
  • C. Yu, D. Levi
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Vision Research
  • 1 November 1997
We examined the role of putative end-stopped spatial filters in determining spatial facilitation associated with a line target flanked by square inducers. Results obtained in normal and amblyopicExpand
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Prefrontal-Related Functional Connectivities within the Default Network Are Modulated by COMT val158met in Healthy Young Adults
Previous studies have supported the concept that the default network is an intrinsic brain system that participates in internal modes of cognition. Neural activity and connectivity within the defaultExpand
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Legibility of Chinese characters in peripheral vision and the top-down influences on crowding
Written Chinese is distinct from alphabetic languages because of its enormous number of characters with a great range of spatial complexities (stroke numbers). In this study we investigated theExpand
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ERP P1-N1 changes associated with Vernier perceptual learning and its location specificity and transfer.
Our recent studies demonstrate that perceptual learning can transfer completely to untrained retinal locations upon proper training procedures, which suggests perceptual learning being a high-levelExpand
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The NAD+ Precursor Nicotinamide Riboside Rescues Mitochondrial Defects and Neuronal Loss in iPSC and Fly Models of Parkinson's Disease.
While mitochondrial dysfunction is emerging as key in Parkinson's disease (PD), a central question remains whether mitochondria are actual disease drivers and whether boosting mitochondrialExpand
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