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Torrey Canyon Pollution and Marine Life.
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Structure and Physiology of the Organs of Feeding and Digestion in Ostrea edulis
The anatomy and histology of the food collecting and alimentary organs of the adult oyster are described. The anatomy of the stomach is investigated with the aid of gelatin casts and attention drawnExpand
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The protobranchiate mollusca; a functional interpretation of their structure and evolution
Examination of the structure of species of Nucula , Leda , Yoldia and Solenomya led Pelseneer (1891), in his classic work on the morphology of the Lamellibranchia, to establish for their inclusionExpand
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Mantle Fusion in the Lamellibranchia
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Structure and function of the organs of feeding and digestion in the septibranchs, Cuspidaria and Poromya
Previous work on the structure and function of the alimentary system in the Lamellibranchs (Yonge (1923, 1925, 1926a, 1926b)) showed that the many peculiarities which they exhibit appear to beExpand
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The assumption that reef corals are wholly autotrophic due to the presence of zooxanthellae is questioned. Reef corals lack the behavioral and structural specializations for an autotrophic existenceExpand
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On Some Aspects of Digestion in Ciliary Feeding Animals
THIS paper embodies various observations which were made from time to time while the author was a member of the staff of the Plymouth Laboratory. It also outlines certain generalisations based on theExpand
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INTRODUCTION. A SOUND knowledge of the structure and function of the feeding organs is of the first importance in the study of the living animal. Food is the first necessity of life and a knowledgeExpand
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On the Nature and Permeability of Chitin. II.--The Permeability of the Uncalcified Chitin Lining the Foregut of Homarus
It has been shown (Yonge, 1932) that the integument of the Decapod Crustacea, as exemplified by the uncalcified lining of the foregut of the lobster, Homarus vulgaris , consists of two layers whichExpand
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