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Ultrastructure of honey bee, Apis mellifera, sperm with special emphasis on the acrosomal complex following high‐pressure freezing fixation
Abstract. The ultrastructure of ejaculated sperm of the honey bee, Apis mellifera L., was studied after sperm were processed by using a high‐pressure freezing fixation and freezing substitutionExpand
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Effect of rapid freezing and thawing on cellular integrity of honey bee sperm
Abstract. Direct observations on the effect of rapid freezing and thawing on honey bee (Apis melliferaL.) sperm were made by light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Rapid freezing ofExpand
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Mutations in insulin signaling pathway alter juvenile hormone synthesis in Drosophila melanogaster.
Juvenile hormone (JH) is a key endocrine regulator of insect metamorphosis, reproduction, and aging. The synthesis of JH is regulated by neuropeptides and biogenic amines, but the molecular andExpand
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Involvement of juvenile hormone in regulation of prothoracicotropic hormone transduction during the early last larval instar of Bombyx mori
We previously reported that a deficiency in prothoracicotropic hormone (PTTH) transduction during the early last larval instar of Bombyx mori plays a role in leading to very low ecdysteroid levels inExpand
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Impaired ovarian ecdysone synthesis of Drosophila melanogaster insulin receptor mutants
Deficient juvenile hormone synthesis is thought to extend adult longevity in insects, including Drosophila melanogaster , the Monarch butterfly and several species of Mediterranean grasshopperExpand
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Cold-induced glycerol accumulation by Ostrinia nubilalis larvae is developmentally regulated
Abstract Ostrinia nubilalis larvae reared under both nondiapause and diapause-inducing conditions were chilled at 5°C for various periods and their haemolymph glycerol concentrations were measuredExpand
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Discovery of a midgut peptide hormone which activates the endocrine cascade leading to oögenesis in Phormia regina (Meigen)
Abstract A midgut hormone was discovered in liver-fed, Phormia regina adult females. Results indicated that this hormone is released from the midgut to reach its target, the brain, between 4–8 hExpand
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Peptidergic Innervation of the Crop and the Effects of an Ingested Nonpeptidal Agonist on Longevity in Female Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae)
Abstract Dromyosuppressin (DMS) immunoreactive neurons were discovered running along the crop duct and on the surface of the crop in the house fly, Musca domestica L. DMS is a myoinhibitoryExpand
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Juvenile Hormone III Bisepoxide: New Member of the Insect Juvenile Hormone Family
237 INTRODUCTION 237 DISCOVERY AND IDENTIFICATION OF JUVENILE HORMONES WITH ONE EPOXY GROUP 238 A. Juvenile hormone I 238 B. Juvenile hormone II 239 C. Juvenile hormone III 239 D. Juvenile hormoneExpand
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Hormonal stimulation of the brain for its control of oögenesis in Phormia regina (Meigen)
Abstract Neck ligation experiments revealed that a head factor(s) is required for the regulation of oogenesis in liver-fed Phormia regina . After neck ligations were performed hourly from 7 to 12 hExpand
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