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A method for the determination of phytoplankton chlorophyll and phaeophytin by fluorescence
Abstract The concentration of chlorophyll, principally chlorophyll a , and after acidification phaeophytin, is measured in 85% acetone extracts using a sensitive fluorometer. The method is veryExpand
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For the measurement of visible light absorption by particles in sea water, optical arrangements have been devised where scattered light is integrated and the photodetector “sees” mostly diffusedExpand
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Comparison of algorithms for estimating ocean primary production from surface chlorophyll, temperature, and irradiance
[1] Results of a single-blind round-robin comparison of satellite primary productivity algorithms are presented. The goal of the round-robin exercise was to determine the accuracy of the algorithmsExpand
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Water column transparency and the distribution of spectrally distinct forms of phycoerythrin- containing organisms
Predominance of Type I (phycourobilin-containing) and Type I1 (phycourobilin-lacking) phycoerythrins (PE) was examined using scanning fluorescence spectroscopy at 176 stations in the northwesternExpand
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The influence of phytoplankton pigments on the colour of sea water
Abstract By summing the absorbency of phytoplankton pigments with that of pure water, the absorption of the blue portion of the spectrum is markedly increased. As the concentration of phytoplanktonExpand
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The 14C method: Patterns of dark CO2 fixation and DCMU correction to replace the dark bottle1,2
Subtracting dark 14C fixation from light 14C fixation can lead to serious underestimates of phytoplankton production in aquatic environments. Light, temperature, and nutrient time-course experimentsExpand
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Use of glass fiber filters for the rapid preparation of in vivo absorption spectra of photosynthetic bacteria.
Usually, in vivo light absorption spectra of photosynthetic bacteria are obtained by measuring cell suspensions in glass or quartz cuvettes. In such arrangements, however, the scattering of light byExpand
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The relative importance of nutrient enrichment and herbivory on macroalgal communities near Norman's Pond Cay, Exumas Cays, Bahamas: a "natural" enrichment experiment
The simultaneous effects of grazing and nutrient enrichment on macroalgal communities were experimentally investigated using plastic mesh enclosure/exclosure cages along a natural nutrient (DIN, SRP)Expand
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Global patterns of ocean transparency: Implications for the new production of the open ocean
Climatological mean fields of ocean transparency derived from Secchi depth measurements held by the National Oceanographic Data Center are presented. Clearly evident are the major coastal upwellingExpand
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The Estimation of Phytoplankton Production in the Ocean from Chlorophyll and Light Data1
The relationship was determined between photosynthetic rate at light saturation and chlorophyll content in natural populations and cultures of marine phytoplankton. A mean value of 3.7 g CExpand
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