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Conservation of Isotopic Spin and Isotopic Gauge Invariance
It is pointed out that the usual principle of invariance under isotopic spin rotation is not consistant with the concept of localized fields. The possibility is explored of having invariance underExpand
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Thermodynamics of a One‐Dimensional System of Bosons with Repulsive Delta‐Function Interaction
The equilibrium thermodynamics of a one‐dimensional system of bosons with repulsive delta‐function interaction is shown to be derivable from the solution of a simple integral equation. The excitationExpand
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Statistical Theory of Equations of State and Phase Transitions. II. Lattice Gas and Ising Model
The problems of an Ising model in a magnetic field and a lattice gas are proved mathematically equivalent. From this equivalence an example of a two-dimensional lattice gas is given for which theExpand
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Dirac monopole without strings : monopole harmonics
Abstract Using the ideas developed in a previous paper which are borrowed from the mathematics of fibre bundles, it is shown that the wave function ψ of a particle of charge Ze around a DiracExpand
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Concept of Nonintegrable Phase Factors and Global Formulation of Gauge Fields
Through an examination of the Bohm-Aharonov experiment an intrinsic and complete description of electromagnetism in a space-time region is formulated in terms of a nonintegrable phase factor. ThisExpand
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On quantized space-time
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Concept of Off-Diagonal Long-Range Order and the Quantum Phases of Liquid He and of Superconductors
This review is concerned with the concept that in a many-body system of bosons or fermions, it is possible to have an off-diagonai long-range order of the reduced density matrices in the coordinateExpand
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Question of Parity Conservation in Weak Interactions
The question of parity conservation in β decays and in hyperon and meson decays is examined. Possible experiments are suggested which might test parity conservation in these interactions.
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One-dimensional chain of anisotropic spin-spin interactions
Abstract Some properties of the lowest eigenvalue, for fixed magnetization per site, of the Hamiltonian for a one-dimensional chain of anisotropic spin-spin interactions are described.
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