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ARPACK users' guide - solution of large-scale eigenvalue problems with implicitly restarted Arnoldi methods
List of figures List of tables Preface 1. Introduction to ARPACK. Important features Getting started Reverse communication interface Availability Installation Documentation Dependence on LAPACK andExpand
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Empirical Evaluation and New Design for Fighting Evolving Twitter Spammers
To date, as one of the most popular online social networks (OSNs), Twitter is paying its dues as more and more spammers set their sights on this microblogging site. Twitter spammers can achieve theirExpand
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Nervous system involvement after infection with COVID-19 and other coronaviruses
Abstract Viral infections have detrimental impacts on neurological functions, and even to cause severe neurological damage. Very recently, coronaviruses (CoV), especially severe acuteExpand
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A vector space model for information retrieval
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Comparison of public peak detection algorithms for MALDI mass spectrometry data analysis
BackgroundIn mass spectrometry (MS) based proteomic data analysis, peak detection is an essential step for subsequent analysis. Recently, there has been significant progress in the development ofExpand
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The Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer: system and applications
The Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer is the world’s first system with a peak performance greater than 100 PFlops. In this paper, we provide a detailed introduction to the TaihuLight system. InExpand
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A Benchmark Study on the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids
This article reports on the International Nanofluid Property Benchmark Exercise, or INPBE, in which the thermal conductivity of identical samples of colloidally stable dispersions of nanoparticles orExpand
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DroidMiner: Automated Mining and Characterization of Fine-grained Malicious Behaviors in Android Applications
Most existing malicious Android app detection approaches rely on manually selected detection heuristics, features, and models. In this paper, we describe a new, complementary system, calledExpand
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PhaseBeat: Exploiting CSI Phase Data for Vital Sign Monitoring with Commodity WiFi Devices
  • X. Wang, C. Yang, S. Mao
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 37th International Conference on Distributed…
  • 5 June 2017
Vital signs, such as respiration and heartbeat, are useful to health monitoring since such signals provide important clues of medical conditions. Effective solutions are needed to provideExpand
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A Survey on Deep Transfer Learning
As a new classification platform, deep learning has recently received increasing attention from researchers and has been successfully applied to many domains. In some domains, like bioinformatics andExpand
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