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Overexpression of microRNA319 impacts leaf morphogenesis and leads to enhanced cold tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
It is demonstrated that miR319 plays important roles in leaf morphogenesis and cold tolerance in rice and genetically down-regulating the expression of either of the two miR 319-targeted genes in RNA interference plants resulted in enhanced cold tolerance after chilling acclimation. Expand
Functional characterization of rice OsDof12
The functional characteristics of a rice Dof gene, OsDof12, which encodes a predicted Dof protein is reported, which might regulate flowering by controlling the expression of Hd3a and OsMADS14. Expand
Set stability and set stabilization of Boolean control networks based on invariant subsets
This study addresses the set stability of Boolean networks (BNs) and set stabilization of Boolean control networks (BCNs). Set stability determines whether a BN converges to a given subset, whereasExpand
Constitutive Expression of a miR319 Gene Alters Plant Development and Enhances Salt and Drought Tolerance in Transgenic Creeping Bentgrass1[W][OA]
The enhanced abiotic stress tolerance in transgenic plants is related to significant down-regulation of miR319 target genes, implying their potential for use in the development of novel molecular strategies to genetically engineer crop species for enhanced resistance to environmental stress. Expand
Deep Learning-Based Feature Representation and Its Application for Soft Sensor Modeling With Variable-Wise Weighted SAE
Deep stacked autoencoder (SAE) is introduced for soft sensor and shows that the proposed VW-SAE can give better prediction performance than the traditional multilayer neural networks and SAE. Expand
OsMYB103L, an R2R3-MYB transcription factor, influences leaf rolling and mechanical strength in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Findings suggest that OsMYB103L may target CESA genes for regulation of cellulose synthesis and could potentially be engineered for desirable leaf shape and mechanical strength in rice. Expand
Passivity-Based Asynchronous Sliding Mode Control for Delayed Singular Markovian Jump Systems
This paper is concerned with the problem of passivity-based asynchronous sliding mode control for a class of uncertain singular Markovian jump systems with time delay and nonlinear perturbations. TheExpand
Fault Detection for Non-Gaussian Processes Using Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis and Randomized Algorithms
An FD technique combining the generalized CCA with the threshold-setting based on the randomized algorithm is proposed and applied to the simulated traction drive control system of high-speed trains and shows that the proposed method is able to improve the detection performance significantly in comparison with the standard generalized C CA-based FD method. Expand
State Transition Algorithm
A new heuristic random search algorithm named state transition algorithm, based on random search theory, for continuous function optimization problems, with good global search capability and convergence property when compared with some popular algorithms is proposed. Expand
A unified parameter identification method for nonlinear time-delay systems
This paper deals with the problem of identifying unknown time-delays and model parameters in a general nonlinear time-delay system. We propose a unified computational approach that involves solving aExpand