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Distribution and concentrations of jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) off the Peruvian coast between 1991 and 1999
Abstract Seasonal changes in the distribution and concentration of jumbo flying squid ( Dosidicus gigas ) off the Peruvian coast were assessed using catch and effort data from the jigging vesselsExpand
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World Squid Fisheries
Abstract Some 290 species of squids comprise the order Teuthida that belongs to the molluscan Class Cephalopoda. Of these, about 30–40 squid species have substantial commercial importance around theExpand
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Dynamics of maturation, seasonality of reproduction and spawning grounds of the jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in Peruvian waters
Abstract In Peru, the giant squid Dosidicus gigas (D’Orbigny, 1835) is the most important cephalopod resource. The objective of the present paper is to analyse the reproductive cycle, and toExpand
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Trophic and environmental drivers of the Sechura Bay Ecosystem (Peru) over an ENSO cycle
Interannual environmental variability in Peru is dominated by the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The most dramatic changes are associated with the warm El Niño (EN) phase (opposite the cold LaExpand
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Influence of the ENSO cycle on the light-fishery for Dosidicus gigas in the Peru Current: An analysis of remotely sensed data
Dosidicus gigas (the jumbo flying squid) supports a major fishery in the eastern Pacific Ocean and exhibits large fluctuations in abundance from year to year. The commercial fishery consists of aExpand
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Jumbo flying squid fishery in Peru
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Genetic diversity and demographic history of Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in the Humboldt Current System
During the late Pleistocene-Holocene, the Humboldt Current System (HCS, Peru-Chile) was subject to important oceanographic variations that may have affected the abundance and distri- bution of marineExpand
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A catch forecast model for the peruvian scallop (Argopecten purpuratus) based on estimators of spawning stock and settlement rate
The Peruvian Bay scallop (Argopecten purpuratus) fishery in Independencia bay (Southern Peru) is being subjected to great inter-annual variability in catch and effort. This is mainly due to the ENSOExpand
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Effects of fishing, market price, and climate on two South American clam species
Coastal shellfish are being threatened by several drivers acting at multiple temporal and spatial scales, including fishing, climate, and globalization of markets. We evaluated large- scale andExpand
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Changes in trophic flow structure of Independence Bay (Peru) over an ENSO cycle
Abstract During the strong warm El Nino (EN) that occurred in 1997/98, Independence Bay (14°S, Peru) showed a ca. 10 °C increase in surface temperatures, higher oxygen concentrations, and clearerExpand
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