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Lay dispositionism and implicit theories of personality.
Lay dispositionism refers to lay people's tendency to use traits as the basic unit of analysis in social perception (L. Ross & R. E. Nisbett, 1991). Five studies explored the relation between theExpand
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Motivated cultural cognition: the impact of implicit cultural theories on dispositional attribution varies as a function of need for closure.
The authors propose that need for closure (NFC) leads attributors to respond to an ambiguous social event by increasing reliance on implicit theories received from acculturation. Hence, the influenceExpand
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Implicit memory: a selective review.
The investigation of human mcmory has undergone a major transformation during the past decade, characterized by Richardson-Klavehn & Bjork (1988) as a "revolution in the way that we measure andExpand
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Discriminative facility and its role in the perceived quality of interactional experiences.
Discriminative facility refers to an individual's sensitivity to subtle cues about the psychological meaning of a situation. This research aimed at examining (a) the conceptual distinctiveness ofExpand
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Perceptual and conceptual cueing in implicit and explicit retrieval.
Subjects saw or heard words in a list (e.g. limerick) and then took two successive tests. The first was a yes/no recognition test in which auditory/visual modality of test words was manipulatedExpand
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Sex, locus of control, and illusion of control in Hong Kong as correlates of gambling involvement.
Abstract The present study of gambling behavior tested whether locus of control influences gambling involvement directly (self-confirmation hypothesis) or whether their relationship is mediated byExpand
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A Tunable Via-Patch Loaded PIFA With Size Reduction
A novel tunable planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) is described. A via-patch is introduced under the main radiating element to create a capacitive coupling effect and lower the operating frequency. TheExpand
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A wideband antenna with a folded patch feed
  • C. Y. Chiu, C. Chan
  • Engineering
  • IWAT . IEEE International Workshop on Antenna…
  • 7 March 2005
The need for wireless connectivity of home, office and portable equipment has pushed for better antenna designs with a larger bandwidth. The microstrip patch antenna is a very popular choice for manyExpand
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Experimental results for a MIMO cube
This paper provides experimental and implementation details for a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) cube antenna. Twelve dipole antennas with baluns are printed on six FR-4 printed-circuit-boardsExpand
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Design of a Flat Fading 4 x 4 MIMO Testbed for Antenna Characterization using a Modular Approach
In this paper a 4 times 4 MIMO channel testbed is proposed that is based on a straightforward and modular design based on off the shelf MiniCircuits modules. Expand
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