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Sorted Sector Covering Combined with Image Condensation - An Efficient Method for Local Dimming of Direct-Lit and Edge-Lit LCDs
We consider the backlight calculation of local dimming as an optimization problem. The luminance produced by many LEDs at each pixel considered is calculated which should cover the gray value of eachExpand
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A Clipper-free Algorithm for Efficient HW-Implementation of Local Dimming LED-Backlight
In this paper, we present algorithms for the calculation of local dimming LED-Backlight. They assure clipper-free results and can be implemented at low HW- costs. The power saving is in average 38.7%Expand
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P-56: Application of the SSC Local Dimming Algorithm for an Edge-Lit TV
The SSC local dimming algorithm, originally developed for direct-lit LCD using a local optimization approach, has been modified and extended. A global optimization approach was used to cover the wideExpand
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An ignition IGBT with smart functions in chip on chip technology
A smart IGBT for automotive ignition applications is presented. In addition to the well-known advantages of an IGBT, e.g. low saturation voltage, this device uses the capabilities of integration toExpand
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50.3: A Video‐Capable Algorithm for Local Dimming RGB Backlight
We present an algorithm for efficient calculation of local dimming RGB LED-Backlight to save power consumption. The algorithm was implemented in hardware to support Full-HD resolution at a low HW-Expand
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A New Addressing Scheme for PM OLED Display
This paper presents a new addressing scheme for PM OLED displays by using Consecutive Multiline Addressing, which decomposes the image information into multiline matrices and efficiently reduces theExpand
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Multiline Addressing by Network Flow
We consider an optimization problem arising in the design of controllers for OLED displays. Our objective is to minimize amplitude of the electrical current through the diodes which has a directExpand
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Simulation of high frequency PWM and quasi-resonant converters using the lumped-charge power MOSFET model
A new, physically-based power MOSFET model features continuous and accurate curves for all three interelectrode capacitances. The model equations are derived from the charge stored on two discreteExpand
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Multi domain behavioral models of smart-power ICs for design integration in automotive applications
A modeling methodology for behavioral models of smart-power IC is presented. These components typically consist of a few hundred to thousand transistors, which can be separated into digital (logic)Expand
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