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Sorted Sector Covering Combined with Image Condensation - An Efficient Method for Local Dimming of Direct-Lit and Edge-Lit LCDs
We consider the backlight calculation of local dimming as an optimization problem. Expand
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A Clipper-free Algorithm for Efficient HW-Implementation of Local Dimming LED-Backlight
We present algorithms for the calculation of local dimming LED-Backlight. Expand
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P-56: Application of the SSC Local Dimming Algorithm for an Edge-Lit TV
The SSC local dimming algorithm, originally developed for direct-lit LCD using a local optimization approach, has been modified and extended. A global optimization approach was used to cover the wideExpand
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An ignition IGBT with smart functions in chip on chip technology
A smart IGBT for automotive ignition applications is presented. In addition to the well-known advantages of an IGBT, e.g. low saturation voltage, this device uses the capabilities of integration toExpand
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50.3: A Video‐Capable Algorithm for Local Dimming RGB Backlight
We present an algorithm for efficient calculation of local dimming RGB LED-Backlight to save power consumption. The algorithm was implemented in hardware to support Full-HD resolution at a low HW-Expand
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A New Addressing Scheme for PM OLED Display
This paper presents a new addressing scheme for PM OLED displays by using Consecutive Multiline Addressing, which decomposes the image information into multiline matrices and efficiently reduces theExpand
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Multiline Addressing by Network Flow
We consider an optimization problem arising in the design of controllers for OLED displays. Expand
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Simulation of high frequency PWM and quasi-resonant converters using the lumped-charge power MOSFET model
A new, physically-based power MOSFET model features continuous and accurate curves for all three interelectrode capacitances. The model equations are derived from the charge stored on two discreteExpand
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Multi domain behavioral models of smart-power ICs for design integration in automotive applications
A modeling methodology for behavioral models of smart-power IC is presented. Expand
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Consecutive Multiline Addressing: A Scheme for Addressing PMOLEDs
Consecutive multiline addressing (CMLA) has been developed to increase a PMOLED display's lifetime, resolution, and power efficiency. Expand
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