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A new genus and species of Nirvaninae (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)
The present paper deals with a new genus and species of Nirvaninae from Guizhou province. The type specimens are deposited in Guizhou Agricultural College. Flatfronta Chen et Li, gen. nov. TypeExpand
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An epidemiological survey of deformities and disabilities among 14,257 cases of leprosy in 11 counties.
Cette etude a ete planifiee et executee a la prefecture de Yang Zhou couvrant 11 departements qui etaient auparavant des regions ou la lepre etait frequente. Sur 14.257 patients lepreux, 8.122 casExpand
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Raman spectrum studies of the glasses in the system Na2OAl2O3P2O5
Abstract Raman spectra of ternary sodium aluminosphosphate glasses indicate that for glasses with Al2O3/P2O5 0.63, the glass network is mainly built up of AlPO4 groups.
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An investigation of attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of leprosy patients, family members and PHC workers towards multidrug therapy in Yangzhou and Dongtai Districts of China.
: To improve the operational efficiency of multidrug therapy (MDT) implementation in rural areas, an investigation into the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of leprosy patients and their familyExpand
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Analysis of Newly Detected Leprosy Cases in China (1990~ 1988)
Objective To analyze the profiles of case- finding and the clinical characteristics of new leprosy cases detected during the years 1990~ 1998 in China. Methods Individual records of the leprosy casesExpand
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Use of the amplified fragment length polymorphism technique for genetic diversity analysis of the pine wood nematode(Bursaphelenchus xylophilus)
Pine wood nematode(Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) is a dangerous alien species which causes a destructive forest disease—pine wilt disease.This disease is now spreading rapidly and causing seriousExpand
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Soil liquefaction mitigation in geotechnical engineering: An overview of recently developed methods
Abstract Triggered liquefaction in earthquakes, that soil displays fluid-like characteristics caused by an on-going increase of pore water pressure and reduction of the effective stress, can damageExpand
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Mechanical behavior of intact completely decomposed granite soils along multi-stage loading–unloading path
Abstract Completely decomposed granite (CDG) soils in Shenzhen, China are usually subjected to loading-unloading due to the demolition/reconstruction of buildings and excavation/backfilling ofExpand
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A new species of Catonidia Uhler (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Achilidae) from China
One new species of the genus Catonidia Uhler, 1896 (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Achilidae: Achilini), C. choui sp. nov., from China is described and illustrated. A checklist and a key to the species ofExpand
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