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Assessing the Effect of Publicly Assisted Brownfield Redevelopment on Surrounding Property Values
This study measures and compares the impact of publicly assisted brownfield redevelopment on nearby residential property values in Milwaukee and Minneapolis. It also examines the influence of landExpand
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Seismic record analysis of the Liyutan earth dam
In this paper the authors present an analysis of the seismic records of the Liyutan dam, which is a zoned compacted earth dam. It is 96 m in height, and it suffered some minor cracks and settlementExpand
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Analysis of welding Au nanowires into T junctions
Abstract The effects of temperature and size on the welding of Au nanowires (NWs) into T junctions is studied using molecular dynamics simulations based on the second-moment approximation of theExpand
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Nanomilling mechanism on Cu surfaces investigated using atomistic simulation
The nanoscale milling and scratching processes of copper workpieces are studied using molecular dynamics simulations based on the tight-binding and Morse potentials. The effects of the rotationExpand
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Atomistic simulation of nanodrilling mechanics and mechanism on Cu substrates
The nanodrilling process of copper substrates is studied using molecular dynamics simulations. The effects of the rotation velocity of the tool and substrate temperature are evaluated in terms ofExpand
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Nanoextruded NbTi superconductor nanowires investigated using molecular dynamics simulations
The effects of extrusion temperature, extrusion ratio, and workpiece size on the extrusion process of NbTi alloy nanowires (workpieces) are studied using the modified embedded atom method potential.Expand
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Observations of Low-frequency Radio Emission from Millisecond Pulsars and Multipath Propagation in the Interstellar Medium
Studying the gravitational-wave sky with pulsar timing arrays (PTAs) is a key science goal for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and its pathfinder telescopes. With current PTAs reachingExpand
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Molecular dynamics analysis of plastic deformation and mechanics of imprinted metallic glass films
Abstract The effects of mold cavity geometry and imprinting temperature on imprinted amorphous ZrCu films are studied using molecular dynamics simulations based on the many-body embedded-atomExpand
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