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Models for phase-change of Ge2Sb2Te5 in optical and electrical memory devices
We investigated three different modeling approaches to simulate the crystallization behavior of Ge2Sb2Te5 in optical and, very recently, electrical phase-change memories. The first of these models isExpand
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Environmental Stress Cracking of Plastics
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An optoelectronic framework enabled by low-dimensional phase-change films
The development of materials whose refractive index can be optically transformed as desired, such as chalcogenide-based phase-change materials, has revolutionized the media and data storageExpand
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Predicted infrared brightness of stars within 25 parsecs of the sun.
Procede de transformation de donnees optiques en densites de flux IR. Les resultats fournissent des approximations de R, T eff du corps noir pour environ 2000 etoiles du catalogue de Wooley
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A new approach to varietal identification in plants by microsatellite high resolution melting analysis: application to the verification of grapevine and olive cultivars
BackgroundMicrosatellites are popular molecular markers in many plant species due to their stable and highly polymorphic nature. A number of analysis methods have been described but analyses of theseExpand
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On-chip photonic synapse
An on-chip photonic device mimics the function of synaptic connections between neurons. Expand
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Nonvolatile All‐Optical 1 × 2 Switch for Chipscale Photonic Networks
Integrated chip-level photonics has the potential to revolutionize future computer systems by eliminating the “von-Neumann information bottleneck” and the power losses resulting from the use ofExpand
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Threshold switching via electric field induced crystallization in phase-change memory devices
Phase-change devices exhibit characteristic threshold switching from the reset (off) to the set (on) state. Mainstream understanding of this electrical switching phenomenon is that it is initiatedExpand
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Scanning Probe-based Phase-Change Terabyte Memories
PCT No. PCT/DK93/00105 Sec. 371 Date Apr. 4, 1994 Sec. 102(e) Date Apr. 4, 1994 PCT Filed Mar. 23, 1993 PCT Pub. No. WO93/19044 PCT Pub. Date Sep. 30, 1993.The invention relates to compounds ofExpand
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Nonvolatile Reconfigurable Phase-Change Metadevices for Beam Steering in the Near Infrared
C.D.W. acknowledges funding via the US Naval Research LaboratoriesONRG programme (#N62909-16-1-2174) and the EPSRC ChAMP and WAFT grants (EP/M015130/1 and EP/M015173/1). C.R.d.G. acknowledges fundingExpand
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