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Ocular and vision defects in preschool children.
Up to the age of 2 years, low birthweight children and those who require postnatal special care had a higher risk of having an ocular or vision defect diagnosed and were more likely to have serious visual impairment than other children, while between the ages of 2 and 5 years of age these high risk children showed no continuing increased risk ofHaving a defect diagnosed, nor did they show any differences in the severity or type of vision defects compared with other children. Expand
Ocular defects in children from birth to 6 years of age
A population profile is provided of children born in 1978 and 1979 who were referred to the Hospital orthoptic services between birth and 6 years of age, with a total of 86% referred under the age of 5 years. Expand
Ocular and visual defects in a geographically defined population of 2-year-old children.
Infants of low birth weight or infants requiring special care in the neonatal period had a two and a half times greater risk of vision and ocular defects than the remainder of the population. Expand
Vision screening at 8 and 18 months. Steering Committee of Oxford Region Child Development Project.
Screening by health visitors of high risk populations contributes little to the detection of vision and ocular defects and this type of evaluation needs to be applied also to low risk populations, who have different referral patterns and contribute most of the cases. Expand
Orthoptists reduce false-positive hospital referrals.
The findings show that the number of false positive referrals was reduced by a half following the introduction of the service; false-positive referrals were also discharged sooner and the cost-effectiveness of the programme compared to outpatient attendance was demonstrated. Expand
Vision screening at 8 and 18 months
Les resultats a l'âge de 2 ans montrent que 85% des cas de troubles visuels constates a l’âge oficiales concernent des enfants sans risques particuliers. Expand
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