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Is There a Double-Negative Effect on the Earnings of Immigrant Women?
This paper examines whether there is a "double-negative" effect on the earnings of immigrant women arising from a possible combined negative impact of gender and birthplace on earnings. The paperExpand
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Consumption and Income Inequality in Australia
It has been argued that consumption is a more appropriate measure of household wellbeing than income or earnings. Using four Household Expenditures Surveys collected by the Australian Bureau ofExpand
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The Impact of Immigration on the Earnings of Natives: Evidence from Australian Micro Data
The present paper provides a new approach to investigate the impact of recent immigrants on the real wages of native Australians. The method involves cross-section analysis of 48 labour markets usingExpand
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Education Expenditure Responses to Crop Loss in Indonesia: A Gender Bias
This paper studies the impact of crop loss on the level of educational expenditure of Indonesian households using data from the 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey. The data are unique in that theyExpand
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The Earnings of Immigrant Men in Australia: Assimilation, Cohort Effects, and Macroeconomic Conditions
This paper analyzes the earnings of immigrant men in Australia using data from Income Distribution Surveys for 1982, 1986, and 1990. The paper expands on the standard approach used in the literatureExpand
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The Labor Market as a Smoothing Device: Labor Supply Responses to Crop Loss
The paper studies the way in which labor supply responses enable households to smooth consumption in the face of crop loss. The 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey is unusual because it containsExpand
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Adaptation and Inequality: Children of Immigrants in Canadian Schools
Children of immigrant parents have comparable test scores in reading and mathematics to those of the children of the Canadian born. Children of immigrant parents whose mother tongue is neitherExpand
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Education and Labor Market Participation of Women in Asia: Evidence from Five Countries*
This paper contributes to the understanding of household decisions of womens labor market participation in Asian societies. It considers the possible impacts of a wifes education on laborExpand
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Vocational education in Thailand: a study of choice and returns
Abstract This study adds new evidence to the debate on the relative benefits of upper secondary vocational education and of general education at the same level. Using a probit model, the study findsExpand
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Immigrant Families in the Canadian Labour Market
The labour market activity of immigrant and non-immigrant married couples is compared using data from the 1981 and 1991 Canadian Censuses. New evidence is provided on the performance of immigrant menExpand
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