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Coastal systems and low-lying areas
Since the IPCC Third Assessment Report (TAR), our understanding of the implications of climate change for coastal systems and low-lying areas (henceforth referred to as ‘coasts’) has increasedExpand
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Coasts: Form, Process and Evolution
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Geological setting and materials 3. Coastal processes 4. Rocky coasts 5. Reef coasts 6. Beach and barrier coasts 7. Deltas and estuaries 8. Muddy coasts 9. MorphodynamicsExpand
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Reef-island topography and the vulnerability of atolls to sea-level rise
Abstract Low-lying reef islands on the rim of atolls are perceived as particularly vulnerable to the impacts of sea-level rise. Three effects are inferred: erosion of the shoreline, inundation ofExpand
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Post-glacial sea-level changes around the Australian margin: a review
Abstract It has been known since Rhodes Fairbridge’s first attempt to establish a global pattern of Holocene sea-level change by combining evidence from Western Australia and from sites in theExpand
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Studies of a mangrove basin, tuff crater, New Zealand. I: Mangrove biomass and production of detritus
Abstract The mangrove, Avicennia marina var. resinifera in a tidally-flooded explosion crater, Tuff Crater, near the southern latitudinal limit of mangroves in New Zealand adopts two distinct growthExpand
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Climate change and coastal vulnerability assessment: scenarios for integrated assessment
Coastal vulnerability assessments still focus mainly on sea-level rise, with less attention paid to other dimensions of climate change. The influence of non-climatic environmental change orExpand
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The impact of sea-level rise on mangrove shorelines
There are extensive mangrove forests along the tropical shorelines of the world; they are particularly well developed in, though not exclusively restricted to, areas that are sheltered and muddy.Expand
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Quaternary Sea-Level Changes: A Global Perspective
Preface Acknowledgements List of abbreviations 1. Sea-level changes: the emergence of a Quaternary perspective 2. The causes of Quaternary sea-level changes 3. Palaeo sea-level indicators 4. MethodsExpand
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Development of widespread mangrove swamps in mid-Holocene times in northern Australia
Mangrove forests in northern Australia typically occur as fringes along tidal estuaries and relatively sheltered coasts. Radiocarbon dating evidence from the South Alligator River, presented here,Expand
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The Coast of Australia
Prologue 1. Evolution of the Australian coast 2. Coastal processes 3. Coastal ecosystems 4. Estuaries and deltas 5. Beaches 6. Coastal dunes and barriers 7. Rocky coasts 8. Reef coasts 9. HumanExpand
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