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Was Canguilhem a Biochauvinist? Goldstein, Canguilhem and the Project of Biophilosophy
Georges Canguilhem is known to have regretted, with some pathos, that life no longer serves as an orienting question in our scientific activity. He also frequently insisted on a kind of uniqueness ofExpand
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The organism as ontological go-between: hybridity, boundaries and degrees of reality in its conceptual history.
  • C. Wolfe
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Studies in history and philosophy of biological…
  • 1 December 2014
The organism is neither a discovery like the circulation of the blood or the glycogenic function of the liver, nor a particular biological theory like epigenesis or preformationism. It is rather aExpand
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Brain theory : essays in critical neurophilosophy
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Vitalism and the scientific image, 1800-2010.
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The Animal Economy as Object and Program in Montpellier Vitalism
Argument Our aim in this paper is to show the importance of the notion of économie animale in Montpellier vitalism as a hybrid concept which brings together the structural and functional dimensionsExpand
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Vitalism and the scientific image in post-enlightenment life science, 1800-2010
Introduction.- Part I. Revisiting vitalist themes in 19th-century science.- 1. Guido Giglioni (Warburg Institute) Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and the Place of Irritability in the History of Life andExpand
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Do organisms have an ontological status?
  • C. Wolfe
  • Medicine, Philosophy
  • History and philosophy of the life sciences
  • 2010
The category "organism" has an ambiguous status: is it scientific or is it philosophical? Or, if one looks at it from within the relatively recent field or sub-field of philosophy of biology, is it aExpand
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Forms of Materialist Embodiment
The materialist approach to the body is often, if not always understood in ‘mechanistic’ terms, as the view in which the properties unique to organic, living embodied agents are reduced to orExpand
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The concept of organism: historical philosophical, scientific perspectives.
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