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Markets or governments: Choosing between imperfect alternatives
Economic studies historically have either extolled the virtues of perfect markets or decried the market's shortcomings, proposing that governments correct market failure. This book proposes as aExpand
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A Theory of Nonmarket Failure: Framework for Implementation Analysis
  • C. Wolf
  • Economics
  • The Journal of Law and Economics
  • 1 April 1979
THE principal rationale for public policy intervention lies in the inadequacies of market outcomes. Yet this rationale is really only a necessary, not a sufficient, condition for policy formulation.1Expand
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Rebellion and Authority: An Analytic Essay on Insurgen Conflicts
Abstract : Contents: Current beliefs and theory; An alternative approach: insurgency as a system; The rebellion's viewpoint: structure, operations, and proclivities; The authority's viewpoint:Expand
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Fault lines in China's economic terrain
  • C. Wolf
  • Political Science
  • 11 June 2003
When the research on which this paper is based began in late 2001, the working title was "Major Adversities Confronting China's Continued Rapid Economic Growth." Recognizing the frequently neglectedExpand
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Der p 1 peptide on virus-like particles is safe and highly immunogenic in healthy adults.
BACKGROUND In mice, highly repetitive antigens, such as those present on bacterial or viral surfaces, efficiently cross-link B-cell receptors and therefore induce strong IgG responses. In this studyExpand
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China's Foreign Aid and Government-Sponsored Investment Activities: Scale, Content, Destinations, and Implications
Abstract : With the world's second largest economy, China has the capacity to engage in substantial programs of development-assistance and government investment in any and all of the emerging marketExpand
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SINCE ITS INTRODUCTION, the expected utility hypothesis has been widely used in the construction of economic models. More recently, attention has focused on the conditions under which it is possibleExpand
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The Costs and Benefits of the Soviet Empire
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China and India, 2025: A Comparative Assessment
Abstract : In the past century, China and India have experienced frequently rivalrous relations, including two occasions of military conflict in 1956 and 1982, sharp changes in the issues and venuesExpand
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