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DNA Microarray Reveals That High Proportions of Human Blastocysts from Women of Advanced Maternal Age Are Aneuploid and Mosaic1
ABSTRACT Trophectoderm (TE) biopsy and DNA microarray have become the new technologies for preimplantation genetic diagnosis in humans. In this study, we comprehensively examined aneuploid formationExpand
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Reduction of postoperative adhesions after laparoscopic gynecological surgery with Oxiplex/AP Gel: a pilot study.
OBJECTIVE To determine whether Oxiplex/AP Gel (FzioMed, San Luis Obispo, CA) was safe and preliminarily effective in reducing postsurgical adhesions after adnexal surgery by laparoscopy. DESIGNExpand
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Identification of Chromosomal Errors in Human Preimplantation Embryos with Oligonucleotide DNA Microarray
A previous study comparing the performance of different platforms for DNA microarray found that the oligonucleotide (oligo) microarray platform containing 385K isothermal probes had the bestExpand
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Assessment of aneuploidy formation in human blastocysts resulting from donated eggs and the necessity of the embryos for aneuploidy screening
PurposeTo examine the prevalence of aneuploidy in human blastocysts resulting from donated eggs and embryo implantation after transfer of normal euploid embryos. Also, to assess the necessity ofExpand
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Mosaic pregnancy after transfer of a “euploid” blastocyst screened by DNA microarray
BackgroundHigh proportions of human embryos produced by in vitro fertilization are aneuploidy and mosaic. DNA microarray is one of the most practical screening methods to select euploid embryos forExpand
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Optimized protocol for cryopreservation of human eggs improves developmental competence and implantation of resulting embryos
BackgroundSuccessful egg cryopreservation has many potential benefits to a variety of patients. However, a superior standard protocol describing all aspects of oocyte cryopreservation has not yetExpand
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Gel layers for inducing adjustable pretilt angles in liquid crystal systems
A novel system for inducing pretilt angles in liquid crystals (LC) was devised. For this purpose thin layers of a LC mixture containing diacrylate molecules were spun on glass plates covered withExpand
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Comparative optical studies of Ce2S3 and Gd2S3 compounds
A detailed comparative study of the optical properties of two rare‐earth (RE) sesquisulfide compounds γ−Ce2S3 and γ−Gd2S3, shows that if the two compounds have about the same main absorption edgeExpand
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Patent Number : 45 ) Date of Patent : 5 , 288 , 711 Feb . 22 , 1994 54 METHOD OF TREATING HYPERPROLIFERATIVE VASCULAR DISEASE 75 )
Drug Res. 39:15 (1989)-Tiozzo. Circ. Res. 58:839 (1986)-Clowes. Circ. Res. 56:139 (1985)-Clowes. Nature 265:625 (1977)-Clowes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 88:8651 (1991)-Bjorn sson. Cell 67:229Expand