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Staring array sensor model for simulation implementation
A comprehensive model for staring array simulation is described. The model covers all effects from photon signal generation through to detection and processing in the staring array sensor. The modelExpand
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Specializing CRISP-DM for Evidence Mining
We use the term “evidence mining” to refer to the application of data mining and knowledge discovery techniques to support the analysis phase of digital forensic investigations. Expand
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Non-uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement on LWIR and MWIR images
To fully exploit the potential of current generation infrared focal plane arrays, it is crucial to correct for the fixed pattern noise. This paper presents two-point non-uniformity corrections (NUC)Expand
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Signature modelling and radiometric rendering equations in infrared scene simulation systems
The development and optimisation of modern infrared systems necessitates the use of simulation systems to create radiometrically realistic representations (e.g. images) of infrared scenes. SuchExpand
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Simulating the DIRCM engagement: component and system level performance
The proliferation of a diversity of capable ManPADS missiles poses a serious threat to civil and military aviation. Aircraft self protection against missiles requires increased sophistication asExpand
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Key considerations in infrared simulations of the missile-aircraft engagement
The development of modern imaging and non-imaging infrared missile signal processing and countermeasure techniques strongly relies on high quality simulated imagery of target and countermeasureExpand
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Prediction of thermal crossover based on imaging measurements over the diurnal cycle
Thermal crossover is the phenomenon where the infrared signatures of two different objects in a scene are indistinguishable. A prediction method was developed where a series of infrared images isExpand
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Aircraft vulnerability analysis by modeling and simulation
Infrared missiles pose a significant threat to civilian and military aviation. ManPADS missiles are especially dangerous in the hands of rogue and undisciplined forces. Yet, not all the launchedExpand
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Small pixel cross-talk MTF and its impact on MWIR sensor performance
In this paper cross-talk MTF data has been collected from recent publications and the development for a generic cross- talk MTF model to fit this data is investigated and the impact on sensor performance is included in the sensor performance assessments. Expand
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