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Correlation of diffusion coefficients in dilute solutions
Equation i 1) is strictly applicable in ideal dilute solutions in which convective transport due to volume changes on mixing is negligible, and in which other possible modes of mass transfer are notExpand
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A Viscosity Equation for Gas Mixtures
By application of the kinetic theory, with several simplifying assumptions, the previous equation of Buddenberg and the author has been modified to give a general equation for viscosity as a functionExpand
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A kinetic analysis of hybridoma growth and metabolism in batch and continuous suspension culture: Effect of nutrient concentration, dilution rate, and pH
Hybridomas are finding increased use for the production of a wide variety of monoclonal antibodies. Understanding the roles of physiological and environmental factors on the growth and metabolism ofExpand
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By‐product inhibition effects on ethanolic fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Inhibition by secondary fermentation products may limit the ultimate productivity of new glucose to ethanol fermentation processes. New processes are under development whereby ethanol is selectivelyExpand
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In situ extractive fermentation of acetone and butanol
The productivity of the acetone–butanol fermentation was increased by continuously removing acetone and butanol from the fermentation broth during fed‐batch culture. Whole broth containing viableExpand
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Effects of dissolved oxygen concentration on hybridoma growth and metabolism in continuous culture
Oxygen transport is a major limitation in large‐scale mammalian cell culture. The effects of the dissolved oxygen concentration (DO; from 0.1 to 100% saturation with air) on Sp2/0‐derived mouseExpand
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Economic evaluation of alternative ethanol fermentation processes
Eleven alternative fermentation schemes for ethanol production are compared. Conventional batch, continuous, cell recycle, and immobilized cell processes, as well as membrane, extraction, and vacuumExpand
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Ionic Mass Transfer and Concentration Polarization at Rotating Electrodes
I .. Rates of ionic mass transfer at nickel electrodes rotating about their axes In the center of stationary electrodes were studied using the ferri-ferrocyanide oouple In alkaline solutions. AExpand
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