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Novel antinematodal and antiparasitic agents from Penicillium charlesii. II. Structure determination of paraherquamides B, C, D, E, F, and G.
Paraherquamides B, C, D, E, and G are novel metabolites of Penicillium charlesii and the structures of these compounds have been determined by NMR and MS analysis.
Pneumocandins from Zalerion arboricola. III. Structure elucidation.
Pneumocandin B0 (6) and six related lipopeptides are antifungal and anti-Pneumocystis carinii agents from mutants of Zalerion arboricola, whose structures were determined mainly on the basis of
A novel inositol mono-phosphatase inhibitor from Memnoniella echinata. Producing organism, fermentation, isolation, physicochemical and in vitro biological properties.
A novel inositol mono-phosphatase inhibitor, L-671,776 (1), was discovered from a culture of the hyphomycete, Memnoniella echinata (ATCC 20928). 1 has a molecular weight of 388 and a molecular
L-671,329, a new antifungal agent. II. Structure determination.
Based on spectroscopic data L-671,329, isolated from a filamentous fungus ATCC 20868, has been assigned the structure 1. The compound is a lipopeptide antifungal agent and a structural analog of
L‐660,631, a New Antifungal Agent
In the search for new and interesting fermentation products, two strains of Streptoverticilliurn hiroshirnenses were found to produce an unstable compound that exhibited both antibacterial and antifungal activity.