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Relationship between production performance, visual appraisal and body measurements of young Dorper rams
The body measurements of 433 young Dorper rams participating in the Free State and Northern Cape veld-ram projects were correlated with their production performance. These measurements included aExpand
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The relationship between pre‐operative hypertension and intra‐operative haemodynamic changes known to be associated with postoperative morbidity
Hypertension is not consistently associated with postoperative cardiovascular morbidity and is therefore not considered a major peri‐operative risk factor. However, hypertension may predispose toExpand
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CSIR NLC - South Africa - mobile LIDAR - system description
A mobile LIDAR system is being developed at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) National Laser Centre (NLC), Pretoria (25°5′ S; 28°2′ E), South Africa. The system is primarilyExpand
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Trade and Poverty: A Case Study of the SA Clothing Industry
2006 Disclaimer Funding for this project was provided by the UK Department for International Development (through RTFP and the Trade and Industry Policy Strategies), the Department of Trade andExpand
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Trade and poverty : a case study of the South African clothing industry
This case study examines how the South African clothing industry adjusted to the challenges of global competition, and the consequences thereof for the mostly female clothing worker corps. TradeExpand
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Introduction: The Paradox of Post-Apartheid 'Afrikaner' Identity: Deployments of Ethnicity and Neo-Liberalism
For much of the 20th century, white Afrikaans-speakers ruled South Africa and, as mobilised ethno-nationalist ‘Afrikaners’, were instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the system of racial...
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“I am berated as a Communist because I sometimes wear a red tie”: Not Forgetting the Awkward Afrikaner, Dr Petronella “Nell” van Heerden
This article explores the shifts in (in)visibility of one of the few “leftist” female Afrikaner public intellectuals in twentieth-century South Africa. The Afrikaner nationalist embrace of Dr. Petr...