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CKD of Unknown Origin in Central America: The Case for a Mesoamerican Nephropathy
An epidemic of chronic kidney disease of unknown origin has emerged in the last decade in Central America and has been named Mesoamerican nephropathy. This form of chronic kidney disease isExpand
Decreased kidney function among agricultural workers in El Salvador.
BACKGROUND An epidemic of chronic kidney disease of unknown cause has emerged along the Pacific coast of Central America, particularly in relatively young male sugarcane workers. In El Salvador, weExpand
Climate Change and the Emergent Epidemic of CKD from Heat Stress in Rural Communities: The Case for Heat Stress Nephropathy.
Climate change has led to significant rise of 0.8°C-0.9°C in global mean temperature over the last century and has been linked with significant increases in the frequency and severity of heat wavesExpand
Decreased kidney function of unknown cause in Nicaragua: a community-based survey.
BACKGROUND End-stage kidney disease overwhelms health services in Central America. We determined prevalences of decreased kidney function in distinct populations in the most affected region ofExpand
Resolving the enigma of the mesoamerican nephropathy: a research workshop summary.
The First International Research Workshop on Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN) met in Costa Rica in November 2012 to discuss how to establish the extent and degree of MeN, examine relevant causalExpand
Heat stress, dehydration, and kidney function in sugarcane cutters in El Salvador--A cross-shift study of workers at risk of Mesoamerican nephropathy.
BACKGROUND An epidemic of progressive kidney failure afflicts sugarcane workers in Central America. Repeated high-intensity work in hot environments is a possible cause. OBJECTIVES To assess heatExpand
Occupational exposures and pancreatic cancer: a meta-analysis
OBJECTIVES Consolidation of epidemiological data on pancreatic cancer and worksite exposures. METHODS Publications during 1969–98 were surveyed. Studies without verified exposures were excluded.Expand
Fructokinase activity mediates dehydration-induced renal injury
The epidemic of chronic kidney disease in Nicaragua (Mesoamerican nephropathy) has been linked with recurrent dehydration. Here we tested whether recurrent dehydration may cause renal injury byExpand
Hazardous Pesticides in Central America
Abstract Pesticides are an extensively documented occupational and environmental hazard in Central America. Yet, severe problems persist. Toxic pesticide use in the Region increased during 1985–1999.Expand
Determinants of dermal exposure among Nicaraguan subsistence farmers during pesticide applications with backpack sprayers.
OBJECTIVES Identification of pesticide exposure determinants has become an issue in explaining exposure variability and improving control measures. Most studies have been conducted in industrializedExpand