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Nitrile imines: matrix isolation, IR spectra, structures, and rearrangement to carbodiimides.
Investigation of nitrile imines generated photochemically or thermally and investigated by IR spectroscopy in Ar matrices at cryogenic temperatures found that tautomerization is reversible under flash vacuum thermolysis conditions. Expand
Reactive Molecules: The Neutral Reactive Intermediates in Organic Chemistry
Designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate organic chemistry students, here's an up-to-date, in-depth textbook on the chemistry of neutral reactive intermediates--free radicals, diradicals,Expand
The Benzyne Story
The history of o-benzyne from its early beginnings as an unobservable reactive intermediate until its present status as a very well characterized but still theoretically challenging molecule withExpand
(Cyanovinyl)ketenes from azafulvenones. An apparent retro-Wolff rearrangement
Flash vacuum pyrolyses or pulsed pyrolysis of azole esters 1b and 20 and their carboxylic acids 1a and 19 or acid chloride 1c give five-membered ring ketenes (azafulvenones) 2 and 24 which dimerizeExpand
Dinitrogen sulfide, N2S, revealed by photoelectron spectroscopy
The reactive dinitrogen sulfide molecule, NS, has been confirmed by He I photoelectron spectroscopic measurements as a major product of the thermal decomposition of 5-phenyl-1,2,3,4-thiatriazole. TheExpand
Unimolecular chemistry of oxazole and isoxazole radical cations in the gas phase: Combined experimental and molecular orbital study
Molecular radical cations of oxazole (1) and isoxazole (2) dissociate by losing carbon monoxide or a hydrogen atom, respectively. These fragmentations were examined by use of tandem massExpand
Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry
Recent aspects of homolytic aromatic substitutions.- A General protocol for systematic synthesis design.- Rearrangements and interconversions of carbenes and nitrenes.
Hetarylnitrenes V. Reactions of Tetrazolopyrazine Ring Contraction of Nitrenodiazines in Solution. Preliminary communication
Thermolysis of tetrazolopyrazine (1) in organic solvents gives pyrazinylnitrene (2) which undergoes ring contraction to 1-cyanoimidazole (3). 7-Methyl-5-methylthio-tetrazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidine (4)Expand
Nitrenes, carbenes, diradicals, and ylides. Interconversions of reactive intermediates.
  • C. Wentrup
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  • 31 March 2011
The achievements in elucidating the nature of the ring-opened species and unraveling the connections between the various reactive intermediates are described, which indicate new directions for further exploration: ring-opening reactions of carbenes, nitrenes, and cyclic cumulenes can be expected in many other systems. Expand