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Cloud Computing – A Classification, Business Models, and Research Directions
Lately, a new computing paradigm has emerged: “Cloud Computing”. It seems to be promoted as heavily as the “Grid” was a few years ago, causing broad discussions on the differences between Grid andExpand
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Designing microgrid energy markets A case study : The Brooklyn Microgrid
Generation from distributed renewable energy sources is constantly increasing. Due to its volatility, the integration of this non-controllable generation poses severe challenges to the current energyExpand
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Business Models in the Service World
The authors provide a criteria catalogue to characterize cloud computing and their own Cloud Business Ontology Model to classify current product offerings and pricing models.
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The Montreal Taxonomy for Electronic Negotiations
Research in the domain of electronic negotiations is a rather new and very interdisciplinary field, which gains more and more attention due to the industry hype and momentum regarding electronicExpand
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Demand side management—A simulation of household behavior under variable prices
Within the next years, consumer households will be increasingly equipped with smart metering and intelligent appliances. These technologies are the basis for households to better monitor electricityExpand
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Trading grid services - a multi-attribute combinatorial approach
Abstract The Grid is a promising technology for providing access to distributed high-end computational capabilities. Thus, computational tasks can be performed spontaneously by other resources in theExpand
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Net neutrality_ A progress report
This paper is intended as an introduction to the debate on net neutrality and as a progress report on the growing body of academic literature on this issue. Different non-net neutrality scenarios areExpand
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A blockchain-based smart grid: towards sustainable local energy markets
The increasing amount of renewable energy sources in the energy system calls for new market approaches to price and distribute the volatile and decentralized generation. Local energy markets, onExpand
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1 Why Market Engineering? The difficulty in designing and implementing electronic markets is oftentimes the interdependence of technical and economic objectives (Weinhardt et al. 2006). From anExpand
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Early results of subvastus versus medial parapatellar approach in primary total knee arthroplasty
IntroductionTo evaluate the clinical and radiographic results immediately after total knee arthroplasty, we compared the parapatellar and subvastus approach.Materials and methodsFifty-two patientsExpand
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