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Food craving, dietary restraint and mood
Food craving was found to be only weakly related to dietary restraint, but highly and significantly correlated with external eating, emotional eating and susceptibility to hunger, and dysphoric mood was prominent prior to the cravings themselves.
Dieting concerns of 10-year-old girls and their mothers.
The responses of a group of 10-year-old girls on a dietary restraint questionnaire described a wide range of dieting concerns, and highly restrained girls had a significantly higher EAT score than the low-restrained girls, and shared a susceptibility to the disinhibitory effects of negative mood states on their eating behaviour.
Personality measures in former heroin users receiving methadone or in protracted abstinence from opiates
Comparing personality traits in detoxified former heroin users and those on MMT in order to assess their relevance to treatment selection is compared.