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Reducing dynamic disorder in small-molecule organic semiconductors by suppressing large-amplitude thermal motions
Thermal vibrations and the dynamic disorder they create can detrimentally affect the transport properties of van der Waals bonded molecular semiconductors. The low-energy nature of these vibrationsExpand
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Thermoelectric transport properties of high mobility organic semiconductors
Transport in organic semiconductors has traditionally been investigated using measurements of the temperature and gate voltage dependent mobility of charge carriers within the channel of organicExpand
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Collaboration and paramedicine
Capteur de phosphate, son utilisation et son procédé de préparation
L'invention concerne un capteur de phosphate utilisant une membrane qui comprend un polymere a empreinte moleculaire produit a partir d'un derive de thio-uree en tant que monomere fonctionnel et d'unExpand
Viewpoint: Less wire
Manufacturers aren't going to wait for a consensus to emerge on ultra wide band communications, says the author.
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