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Differences Between Tight and Loose Cultures: A 33-Nation Study
The differences across cultures in the enforcement of conformity may reflect their specific histories and advances knowledge that can foster cross-cultural understanding in a world of increasing global interdependence and has implications for modeling cultural change. Expand
The prediction of psychological and sociocultural adjustment during cross-cultural transitions☆
Abstract This study attempts empirically to distinguish psychological and sociocultural forms of adjustment during the process of cross-cultural transitions. One hundred and five sojournersExpand
The measurement of sociocultural adaptation
Abstract This paper examines the construct of sociocultural adaptation and describes the development and refinement of its measurement. Psychometric analyses of the Sociocultural Adaptation ScaleExpand
Culture-Level Dimensions of Social Axioms and Their Correlates across 41 Cultures
Leung and colleagues have revealed a five-dimensional structure of social axioms across individuals from five cultural groups. The present research was designed to reveal the culture level factorExpand
Acculturation strategies, psychological adjustment, and sociocultural competence during cross-cultural transitions
Abstract The research examined host national and co-national identification in relation to sociocultural and psychological adaptation during cross-cultural transition. Ninety-eight sojournersExpand
Acculturation and Adaptation Revisited
The research employed a new and recently developed instrument to examine the two dimensions (host and co-national identification) and four modes (integration, separation, marginalization, andExpand
The U-Curve on trial: a longitudinal study of psychological and sociocultural adjustment during Cross-Cultural transition
Abstract The research examined cross-cultural transition and adjustment of sojourners in a longitudinal study of psychological and sociocultural adaptation of Japanese students in New Zealand.Expand
Psychological and Socio‐cultural Adjustment during Cross‐cultural Transitions: A Comparison of Secondary Students Overseas and at Home
Abstract The study further explores the distinction of psychological and socio-cultural adjustment during cross-cultural transitions. One hundred and seventy-eight New Zealand American Field ServiceExpand
Where's the "Culture" in Cross-Cultural Transition?
Research examined psychological and sociocultural adjustment during cross-cultural transitions in two groups of sojourners. One hundred and forty-five Malaysian and Singaporean students in NewExpand