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Analytical approaches for optimal placement of distributed generation sources in power systems
Power system deregulation and the shortage of transmission capacities have led to increased interest in distributed generation (DG) sources. Proper location of DGs in power systems is important forExpand
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Dynamic models and model validation for PEM fuel cells using electrical circuits
This paper presents the development of dynamic models for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells using electrical circuits. The models have been implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK and PspiceExpand
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A Physically Based Dynamic Model for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
This paper presents a physically based dynamic model for tubular solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) based on the electrochemical and thermodynamic characteristics inside SOFC. The diffusion, materialExpand
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A Review of Hybrid Renewable/Alternative Energy Systems for Electric Power Generation: Configurations, Control, and Applications
This paper, prepared by a special task force of the IEEE PES Renewable Technologies Subcommittee, is a review of hybrid renewable/alternative energy (RE/AE) power generation systems focusing onExpand
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Modeling and Control of Fuel Cells
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Power Management of a Stand-Alone Wind/Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell Energy System
This paper proposes an AC-linked hybrid wind/photovoltaic (PV)/fuel cell (FC) alternative energy system for stand-alone applications. Wind and PV are the primary power sources of the system, and anExpand
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Operation Optimization of Standalone Microgrids Considering Lifetime Characteristics of Battery Energy Storage System
Standalone microgrids with renewable sources and battery storage play an important role in solving power supply problems in remote areas such as islands. To achieve reliable and economic operationsExpand
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Electric Vehicle Battery Technologies
This chapter aims at bridging the gap between chemistry scientists and electrical engineers on electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The power and energy of electric propulsion are first reviewed in Sect.Expand
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Modeling and Control of Fuel Cells: Distributed Generation Applications
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Background: A Brief History of U.S. Electric Utility Formation and Restructuring. 1.2 Power Deregulation and Distributed Generation. 1.3 DG Types. 1.4Expand
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A Simulink-based microturbine model for distributed generation studies
This paper presents the modeling and simulation of a microturbine generation system suitable for isolated as well as grid-connected operation. The system comprises of a permanent magnet synchronousExpand
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