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Effects of 17β-estradiol and starvation on trout plasma lipoproteins
Administering 17β-estradiol (E2) to juvenile trout results in plasma hyperlipidemia and hyperlipoproteinemia associated with significant increases in the concentrations of triglycerides (TG), freeExpand
Effects of temperature variations on dietary lipid absorption and plasma lipoprotein concentrations in trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Abstract In juvenile rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) the peak of dietary lipid absorption occurred later at low compared with high temperature. Rapid temperature variations modified plasmaExpand
Frozen storage affects high density lipoproteins and the quantitation of trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) lipoprotein classes as separated by ultracentrifugation
Abstract Quantitative lipoprotein profiles obtained from adult trout plasma frozen for 2 days differed significantly from those obtained from the same fresh plasma or stored at 4°C for 2 days.Expand
[Isotopic angiopneumography].
[The pleural primary tumors, diagnostic and therapeutic problems].
[Radiology of bronchogenic cysts].
[Arterial time of intravenous pyelography: initial results (author's transl)].
The authors consider that attention should be paid to the arterial time in intravenous pyelography in all patients who undergo the examination. Manual injection or an injector containing 80 to 100 mlExpand