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Rubrobramide, a cytotoxic and phytotoxic metabolite from Cladobotyrum rubrobrunnescens.
Cladobotrin (1) and rubrobramide (2), possessing a unique oxidized tricyclic system, is a new compound structurally related to flavipucine (3), which also is produced by the fungus. Expand
Flavipucine and Brunnescin, Two Antibiotics from Cultures of the Mycophilic Fungus Cladobotryum rubrobrunnescens
The metabolite isolated from submerged cultures of Cladobotryum rubrobrunnescens, a mycophilic fungus growing on a Inocybe species, is a new tetrasubstituted furan derivative which exhibits antibacterial, antifungal and cytotoxic effects. Expand
Verticillium rexianum (SACC.) SACC., a New Producer of Monacolin K
Abstract From the broth of submerged cultures of Verticillium rexianum (teleomorph: Nectriopsis exigua), a mycophilic fungus growing on myxomycetes, monacolin K was isolated as a weak inhibitor ofExpand