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MSSM Higgs boson searches at the LHC: benchmark scenarios after the discovery of a Higgs-like particle
A Higgs-like particle with a mass of about 125.5 GeV has been discovered at the LHC. Within the current experimental uncertainties, this new state is compatible with both the predictions for the
Working Group Report: Higgs Boson
This report summarizes the work of the Energy Frontier Higgs Boson working group of the 2013 Community Summer Study (Snowmass). We identify the key elements of a precision Higgs physics program and
Report of the Tevatron Higgs working group
Despite the success of the Standard Model (SM), which provides a superb description of a wide range of experimental particle physics data, the dynamics responsible for electroweak symmetry breaking
Suggestions for benchmark scenarios for MSSM Higgs boson searches at hadron colliders
Abstract. The Higgs boson search has shifted from LEP2 to the Tevatron and will subsequently move to the LHC. Due to the different initial states, the Higgs production and decay channels relevant for
Supersymmetry parameter analysis: SPA convention and project
Abstract.High-precision analyses of supersymmetry parameters aim at reconstructing the fundamental supersymmetric theory and its breaking mechanism. A well defined theoretical framework is needed
Branes and Orbifolds are Opaque
We examine localized kinetic terms for gauge fields which can propagate into compact extra dimensions. We find that such terms are generated by radiative corrections in both theories with matter