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Relative density and dispersion pattern of two southern African Asteraceae affect fecundity through heterospecific interference and mate availability, not pollinator visitation rate
Summary Since co-flowering plants often share pollinators, their fecundity is likely affected by pollen transfer within and among plant species. Changes in pollinator visitation rates (e.g.Expand
Selfing ability and dispersal are positively related, but not affected by range position: a multispecies study on southern African Asteraceae
Dispersal and breeding system traits are thought to affect colonization success. As species have attained their present distribution ranges through colonization, these traits may vary geographically.Expand
Reproductive Ecology of Bird-pollinated Babiana (Iridaceae): Floral Variation, Mating Patterns and Genetic Diversity
Flowering plants possess striking variation in reproductive traits and mating patterns, even among closely related species. In this thesis, I investigate morphological variation, mating and geneticExpand