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Biotic Constraints to Passion Fruit Production in Central and Eastern Provinces of Kenya
Passion fruit is an important crop in Kenya for income generation. However, passion fruit production faces major challenges due to pests and diseases that have led to yield losses of 50-100%. ToExpand
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Good Orchard Maintenance and Agronomic Practices as Working Components in Management of Dieback Disease on Passion Fruit (Passiflora sp.) in Kenya.
Passion fruit is of high economic importance in Kenya. In the recent past, diseases have led to decline in fruit production. This study aimed at identifying disease management practices that could beExpand
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Studies on the etiology, epidemiology and management of dieback disease of passion fruit in Kenya.
Passion fruit (Passiflora spp.) is an important cash crop in Kenya. In the recent past, diseases have increasingly reduced its production with yield losses ranging from 50 – 100%. Dieback is aExpand
Reducing Dieback Disease Incidence of Passion Fruit in Kenya through Management Practices
Dieback disease is the most important constraint to Kenya’s passion fruit industry. It is widespread in all passion fruit growing areas and causes over 70% of total fruit loss in the country. FarmerExpand
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Studies on the die back disease of passion fruit in major production areas in Kenya
Passion fruit is an important horticultural crop in Kenya where it is grown widely by small scale farmers primarily as a source of income. The fruits are supplied to the local and export marketsExpand
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