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Imagined communities: Reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism
or 'impersonal' state which, because of its abstract nature, could be imitated in subsequent history. This may o f course be seen as the ordinary logic o f developmental processes. I t was an earlyExpand
An essay on the modern state
Preface 1. Introduction 2. The modern state 3. Social order in anarchy 4. Legitimacy 5. Reasons 6. Justice 7. Sovereignty 8. Boundaries 9. The functions of governments 10. States: pretenses, powers,Expand
Punishment and Loss of Moral Standing
1 Earlier versions of this essay were discussed at the UCLA Law & Philosophy Discussion Group in the spring of 1986, the Pacific meetings of the American Philosophical Association, San Francisco,Expand
The Very Idea of Popular Sovereignty: “We the People” Reconsidered*
  • C. W. Morris
  • Political Science
  • Social Philosophy and Policy
  • 1 December 2000
The sovereignty of the people, it is widely said, is the foundation of modern democracy. The truth of this claim depends on the plausibility of attributing sovereignty to “the people” in the firstExpand
A bargaining theory approach to default provisions and disclosure rules in contract law
Legal rules facilitate as well as constrain human freedom. H.L.A. Hart captures the difference between these two functions of law by distinguishing between primary and secondary rules.' Primary rulesExpand
Rational Commitment and Social Justice: Essays for Gregory Kavka
Acknowledgements List of contributors Introduction: the moral and political philosophy of Gregory Kavka Christopher W. Morris 1. Some personal memories Tyler Burge 2. The shadow of the future BrianExpand
Violence, Terrorism, and Justice
Preface 1. Violence, terrorism and justice R. G. Frey and Christopher W. Morris 2. What purposes can 'international terrorism' serve? Thomas C. Schelling 3. Violent demonstrations Annette C. Baier 4.Expand