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A pinching theorem for statistical manifolds with Casorati curvatures
With a pair of conjugate connections∇ and∇, we derive optimal Casorati inequalities with the normalized scalar curvature on submanifolds of a statistical manifold of constant curvature. c ©2017 AllExpand
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A visual study of pulp floc dispersion mechanisms
The dispersion of artificially produced softwood pulp flocs in controlled, plane, turbulent Couette flow was studied by using both monocular and stereoscopic film techniques. The mechanisms ofExpand
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Morphometric Relationship between the Cervicothoracic Cord Segments and Vertebral Bodies
Objective The objective of this study was to investigate the morphologic characteristics between the vertebral body and the regions of the cervical and thoracic spinal cords where each rootletsExpand
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Optimal inequalities for the Casorati curvatures of submanifolds of real space forms endowed with semi-symmetric metric connections
In this paper, we prove two optimal inequalities involving the intrinsic scalar curvature and extrinsic Casorati curvature of submanifolds of real space forms endowed with a semi-symmetric metricExpand
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A socio-rhetorical analysis of Romans 7 : with special attention to the law
This study aims to interpret Romans 7 with special reference to the law. Both Romans 7 and the law in Paul are very difficult to understand. However, both are important for an understanding ofExpand
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Lamella-particle complexes in the human placenta.
Lamella-particle complexes, similar in appearance to those found most abundantly in human hematopoietic malignancies, were seen within the cytoplasm of pericytes within the villus cores of 2 our otExpand
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Design of laser-driven high-efficiency Al2O3/YAG:Ce3+ ceramic converter for automotive lighting: Fabrication, luminous emittance, and tunable color space
Abstract An Al2O3/Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ ceramic phosphor plate (CPP) for which a nano-phosphor is used for a high-power laser diode (LD) application for white automotive-lighting is reported here. TheExpand
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Palladium acetate immobilized on montmorillonite is an efficient catalyst for the hydroesterification of olefins with carbon monoxide and methanol, in the presence of triphenylphosphine and an acidExpand
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Palladium-catalyzed N,N′-diphenylurea synthesis from nitrobenzene, aniline, and carbon monoxide. Part 3. Evidence of carbamoyl intermediate
The first step of reaction (1) is known to be the metal-catalyzed deoxygenation of nitrobenzene by CO to form a metal nitrene intermediate, PhN(M], where [M] denotes the active metal complex withExpand
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