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Effects of neurotransmitters upon the discharge of secretory product from the cutaneous glands of the red-spotted newt.
The effects of sympathetic and parasympathetic agonists and antagonists on discharge of secretory product by the granular and mucous glands were examined in the red-spotted newt, NotopthalmusExpand
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The development of atherosclerosis has been studied in White Carneau and Show Racer pigeons. The results of analytical studies indicate that the disease process is characterized by the accumulationExpand
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Hormonal regulation of cellular proliferation in the epidermis of the red-spotted newt.
Abstract The effects of various hormonal conditions on epidermal proliferation were studied in the red-spotted newt. Prolactin was found to be a strong stimulant of epidermal mitotic activity.Expand
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Hormonal effects on mitotic rhythm in the epidermis of the red-spotted newt.
Abstract The mitotic indices of epidermal cells in the red-spotted newt were measured at 3- or 4-hr intervals throughout 24-hr periods under a variety of hormonal conditions. In intact control newtsExpand
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The morphology of the mucous gland and its responses to prolactin in the skin of the red‐spotted newt
The mucous gland of the red‐spotted newt, Notophthalamus viridescens viridescens, Rafinesque was examined by histochemical and ultrastructural techniques and its cytological responses to variousExpand
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Tropical Cyclone Report, 1986.
Abstract : The mission of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) is multi-faceted and includes: 1) Continuous monitoring of all tropical weather activity in the northern and southern hemispheres,Expand
The seizure of Tinian
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1986 Annual Tropical Cyclone Report
Abstract : The Annual Tropical Cyclone Report summarizes the tropical cyclones occurring during 1986 in the western North Pacific, the Central North Pacific and the North Indian Oceans.
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The relationship between the vertical motion at the top of the friction layer and the geostrophic vorticity as a function of the Rossby number.
The relationship between vertical motion at the top of the boundary layer, geostrophic vorticity in the boundary layer and divergence in the boundary layer are examined in this study. The equation ofExpand