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A method for numerical integration on an automatic computer
A new method for the numerical integration of a “well-behaved” function over a finite range of argument is described. It consists essentially of expanding the integrand in a series of ChebyshevExpand
The numerical solution of linear differential equations in Chebyshev series
This paper describes a method for computing the coefficients in the Chebyshev expansion of a solution of an ordinary linear differential equation. The method is valid when the solution required isExpand
Beyond Floating Point
Un systeme numerique est proposed pour l'arithmetique d'ordinateur basee sur des fonctions exponentielles iterees sur le sous-passement and le depassement de capacite. Expand
Level-index arithmetic operations
In a recent paper the authors described a system for the internal representation of numbers in a computer, based on repeated exponentiations. The main objective in introducing this system is toExpand
The Symmetric Level-Index System
On presente un systeme arithmetique de representation des nombres qui supprime virtuellement les phenomenes de defaut de capacite. On utilise une fonction exponentielle generalisee pour laExpand