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Serious Money: Fundraising and Contributing in Presidential Nomination Campaigns
Figures and tables Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. Regulatory environment 3. The contributor pool 4. Mobilizing the pool: methods of soliciting campaign funds 5. Candidate resources 6. RecruitingExpand
Modes of Elite Political Participation: Contributors to the 1972 Presidential Candidates
Contributors of more than $100 to presidential candidates offer unique opportunities for an investigation of elite behavior because they participate both extensively and intensively in politicalExpand
Belief Structure in a Political Elite: Contributors to the 1972 Presidential Candidates
The classic descriptions of the belief structure of citizens, such as are found in The American Voter, portrayed a citizenry politically uninformed and ideologically unsophisticated.' More recentExpand
Male and Female Differences in Elite Political Participation: An Examination of the Effects of Socioeconomic and Familial Variables
O NN E OF THE MOST consistent cross-national research findings is the underrepresentation of women in political elites. Yet, little scholarship based on survey research exists analyzing thisExpand
The State Supervisor of Music
An Important Factor in the Development of a State-wide Music Education Program
Republican Voting among Democratic Presidential Contributors: A Test of Rival Hypotheses
Over the past decade, we have begun to develop a more detailed portrait of those who contribute to political candidates and organizations. We know that only a small minority of Americans contributeExpand
Sex and the Political Contributor: The Gender Gap among Contributors to Presidential Candidates in 1988
We investigate the gender gap in policy preferences among political contributors. We find a bivariate gap in both parties, with Democratic women being more liberal than Democratic men, and RepublicanExpand