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Structure-function relationships of new lipids designed for DNA transfection.
Two cationic lipids with identical head groups but different chain structures are investigated with respect to their in vitro gene-transfer activity, their cell-damaging characteristics, and their physicochemical properties.
Interaction of DNA with Cationic Lipid Mixtures-Investigation at Langmuir Lipid Monolayers.
Four different binary lipid mixtures composed of a cationic lipid and the zwitterionic colipids DOPE or DPPC, which show different DNA transfer activities in cell culture models, were investigated at
Lysine-based amino-functionalized lipids for gene transfection: the protonation state in monolayers at the air-liquid interface.
Newly synthesized peptide-mimic lysine-based amino-functionalized lipids have been investigated in 2D models as monolayers at the air-liquid interface and it is found that the protonation degree depends linearly on the packing density of the lipid monolayer.
The Directional Observation of Highly Dynamic Membrane Tubule Formation Induced by Engulfed Liposomes
Compared with bacterial invasion, the most affordable and least toxic lipids were found in this study to be gentle and safe exogenous stimuli for the triggering of membrane tubules, which provide a new paradigm for investigating cellular dynamics.
DNA Delivery Systems Based on Peptide-Mimicking Cationic Lipids—The Effect of the Co-Lipid on the Structure and DNA Binding Capacity
The correlation of the observed structures with the transfection efficiency and serum stability indicates that OO4/DOPE 1:3 lipoplexes with a DNA-containing cubic phase encapsulated in multilamellar structures seem to be most promising.
General synthesis and physicochemical characterisation of a series of peptide-mimic lysine-based amino-functionalised lipids.
A series of novel malonic acid diamides (second generation) with two long hydrophobic alkyl chains and an alkaline polar head group was synthesised and characterised as a new class of amino-functionalised lipids, suitable for polynucleotide transfer.
Composites of malonic acid diamides and phospholipids--Impact of lipoplex stability on transfection efficiency.