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Biosynthetic capacities of actinomycetes. 3. Naphthgeranine F, a minor congener of the naphthgeranine group produced by Streptomyces violaceus.
Strain Tii 3556 was included in the screening program for detection of new secondary metabolites, analyzing biosynthetically talented actinomycete strains by HPLC, diode array multiwavelength monitoring and a UVvisible absorbance spectral library database.
Biosynthetic capacities of actinomycetes. 2. Juglomycin Z, a new naphthoquinone antibiotic from Streptomyces tendae.
A new juglomycin-type antibiotic was identified by a HPLC-diode array screening technique in the culture filtrate of Streptomyces tendae Tü 901/8c by an additional methyl group in position 3 of the naphthoquinone ring system.
Metabolic products of microorganisms. 264. Exfoliamycin and related metabolites, new naphthoquinone antibiotics from Streptomyces exfoliatus.
It is observed that Streptomyces exfoliatus synthesized numerous quinoid pigments when rotary shaker cultures were supplemented with Amberlite XAD-1180, and three antibiotics were shown to be new naphthoquinone C-glycosides.
Metabolic products of microorganisms, 271. Momofulvenone A and B, new benzo[b]fluorene quinones from Streptomyces
From the cultures of Streptomyces diastatochromogenes (strain Tu 2895) two novel benzo[b]fluorene quinones, named momofulvenone A and B, were isolated and established by a detailed spectroscopic analysis.