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Emotional intelligence: A meta-analytic investigation of predictive validity and nomological net
Abstract This study used meta-analytic techniques to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and performance outcomes. A total of 69 independent studies were located thatExpand
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Comprehensive meta-analysis of integrity test validities: Findings and implications for personnel selection and theories of job performance.
The authors conducted a comprehensive meta-analysis based on 665 validity coefficients across 576,460 data points to investigate whether integrity test validities are generalizable and to estimateExpand
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Role of social desirability in personality testing for personnel selection: The red herring.
Response bias continues to be the most frequently cited criticism of personality testing for personnel selection. The authors meta-analyzed the social desirability literature, examining whetherExpand
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Whistleblowing in Organizations: An Examination of Correlates of Whistleblowing Intentions, Actions, and Retaliation
Whistleblowing on organizational wrongdoing is becoming increasingly prevalent. What aspects of the person, the context, and the transgression relate to whistleblowing intentions and to actualExpand
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Theory testing: Combining psychometric meta-analysis and structural equations modeling
This paper presents an overview of a useful approach for theory testing in the social sciences that combines the principles of psychometric meta-analysis and structural equations modeling. In thisExpand
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Meta-Analyses of Fakability Estimates: Implications for Personality Measurement
The authors examined whether individuals can fake their responses to a personality inventory if instructed to do so. Between-subjects and within-subject designs were metaanalyzed separately. AcrossExpand
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Bandwidth-fidelity dilemma in personality measurement for personnel selection
This paper presents a discussion of the bandwidth–fidelity dilemma in personality measurement for personnel selection purposes. Should job applicants be assessed on fine-grained personality variablesExpand
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The construct of work commitment: testing an integrative framework.
This study meta-analytically examined extensive literature associated with work commitment. The primary purposes were to (a) cumulate correlations among dimensions of work commitment to see whichExpand
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The Role of Social Support in the Process of Work Stress: A Meta-Analysis
Abstract After summarizing the literature on the various models for the role of social support in the process of work stress, two studies are reported. In the first study, correlations between (1)Expand
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An Evaluation of Construct Validity: What Is This Thing Called Emotional Intelligence?
This article presents a meta-analytic review of the Emotional Intellpigence (EI) construct. The first portion of the study examines the relation between EI measures based on two differing models ofExpand
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