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Dynamic interdependence and volatility transmission of Asian stock markets: Evidence from the Asian crisis
This paper examines dynamic interdependence, volatility transmission, and market integration across selected stock markets during the Asian financial crisis periods 1997 and 1998. Using a vectorExpand
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Silk polymers : materials science and biotechnology
Silk: Biology, Structure, Properties, and Genetics General Properties of Some Spider Silks Silk Glands of Araneid Spiders: Selected Morphological and Physiological Aspects Molecular Map for theExpand
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Silkworm silk as an engineering material
While silk exhibits high values of tensile strength and stiffness, these properties are compromised by their poor reproducibility. We present the results of experiments aimed at characterizing theExpand
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Liquid crystallinity of natural silk secretions
NATURAL silk exhibits a strength and stiffness similar to, and a toughness up to ten times greater than, that of artificial high-performance fibres1–5. These exceptional tensile properties, theExpand
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Fibre science: Supercontraction stress in wet spider dragline
Unrestrained spider dragline 'super-contracts' when it is wetted, causing its length to shrink by about half and its diameter to almost double. Here we measure the supercontraction stresses generatedExpand
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Spider major ampullate silk (drag line): smart composite processing based on imperfect crystals
A spider can spin major ampullate silk (drag line) at rates that differ by more than an order of magnitude, and yet obtain consistently reliable tensile properties. Silk samples collected atExpand
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Liquid crystalline order in mucus.
Mucus plays an exceptionally wide range of important biological roles. It operates as a protective, exchange, and transport medium in the digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems of humansExpand
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Biomimicry as a route to new materials: what kinds of lessons are useful?
We consider the attributes of a successful engineered material, acknowledging the contributions of composition and processing to properties and performance. We recognize the potential for relevantExpand
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The nature and role of liquid crystalline order in silk secretions.
  • C. Viney
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Results and problems in cell differentiation
  • 1992
Natural silks are extracellular fibers that are spun by a variety of organisms, for highly specialized applications. Their formation specifically by spinning is the single feature that distinguishesExpand
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Evaluating the silk/epoxy interface by means of the Microbond Test
Abstract The interaction between silkworm silk fibre and a resin matrix was investigated by means of the Microbond Test. Cured resin droplets were sheared from silk fibres by the knife-edged jaws ofExpand
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