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Latest information, developments and statistics, with website addresses provided to allow students to access up to the minute, real-world data. Real-world examples throughout the text help studentsExpand
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Non-periodic lattice crystals in the hierarchical microstructure of spider (major ampullate) silk.
A commonly adopted model for the microstructure of Nephila clavipes major ampullate silk (MAS) is similar to that used for Bombyx mori (silkworm) silk: a simple composite wherein discrete,Expand
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Mechanical properties of single‐brin silkworm silk
Mechanical tests were performed on single brins of Bombyx mori silkworm silk, to obtain values of elastic modulus (E), yield strength, tensile breaking strength, and shear modulus (G). SpecimenExpand
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Tensile properties of Argiope trifasciata drag line silk obtained from the spider's web
The tensile properties of Argiope trifasciata (Argiopidae) drag line silk retrieved from mooring threads in the web were characterized. Scanning electron microscope images were used to determine theExpand
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Active control of spider silk strength: comparison of drag line spun on vertical and horizontal surfaces
Abstract There is widespread interest in producing high-performance fibers that mimic the behavior of natural silks, especially spider drag line. Given the multiple roles of drag line in nature, itExpand
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Physical and chemical microstructure of spider dragline: A study by analytical transmission electron microscopy
We report the first direct observations of the physical and chemical microstructure of spider dragline, revealed by analytical transmission electron microscopy. Individual crystallites were imagedExpand
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Tensile properties of silkworm silk obtained by forced silking
Bave was acquired by the forced silking of three Bombyx mori silkworms, and its tensile properties were characterized. The material collected from any given silkworm yielded reproducibleExpand
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The variability and interdependence of spider drag line tensile properties
There is considerable interest in producing fibres that mimic the impressive tensile properties of spider drag line silk. It must, however, be recognised that these properties have been assessedExpand
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Water–mucin phases: conditions for mucus liquid crystallinity
Previous studies of mucin conformation in aqueous media have focussed on the polymer backbone, on dilute concentrations, and on ambient temperatures. Using differential scanning calorimetry andExpand
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Electrical resistance curing of carbon-fibre/epoxy composites
Carbon-fibre/epoxy resin composites were cured by the ohmic heating that results from passing an electrical current through the fibres. Additional cured composite was prepared conventionally. AllExpand
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