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LivestockPlus - The sustainable intensification of forage-based agricultural systems to improve livelihoods and ecosystem services in the tropics *
As global demand for livestock products (such as meat, milk and eggs) is expected to double by 2050, necessary increases to future production must be reconciled with negative environmental impacts
Aalborg Universitet Assessing ecosystem services from multifunctional trees in pastures using Bayesian belief networks
A Bayesian belief network (BBN) was developed to assess preferred combinations of trees in live fences and on pastures in silvopastoral systems. The BBN was created with information from Rivas,
Availability of Brachiaria brizantha grass in pastures with different tree covers in the subhumid tropic region of Costa Rica
The tree cover in pastureland contribute to improve the animal productivity through reducing the heat stress, and also benefits the soil conservation and biodiversity. The objective of this study was