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Under the volcano: phylogeography and evolution of the cave-dwelling Palmorchestia hypogaea (Amphipoda, Crustacea) at La Palma (Canary Islands)
BackgroundThe amphipod crustacean Palmorchestia hypogaea occurs only in La Palma (Canary Islands) and is one of the few terrestrial amphipods in the world that have adapted to a strictly troglobiticExpand
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Breeding waterbirds in relation to artificial pond attributes: implications for the design of irrigation facilities
The growth of inter-basin water transfers and the development of new irrigation facilities in southeastern Spain are responsible for a variety of ecological impacts. In spite of this, theExpand
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Allometric models to estimate tree height in northern Amazonian ecotone forests
Allometric models defining the relationship between stem diameter and total tree height in the Amazon basin are important because they refine the estimates of tree carbon stocks and flow in theExpand
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Highly ordered amorphous silicon-carbon alloys obtained by RF PECVD
We have shown that close to stoichiometry RF PECVD amorphous silicon carbon alloys deposited under silane starving plasma conditions exhibit a tendency towards c-SiC chemical order. Motivated by thisExpand
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Applying object-oriented technology to project hydroelectric power plant SCADA systems
In the electric automation one of the largest problems when projecting SCADA systems is the lack of integration and interoperability among products of different manufacturers. The most recentlyExpand
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Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci for the cavehopper Palmorchestia hypogaea (Amphipoda: Talitridae)
Eight polymorphic microsatellite loci for the subterraneous microphtalmous Palmorchestia hypogaea (Amphipoda: Talitridae) were isolated from a genomic library enriched for AG, AC and AAC repetitiveExpand
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Floristic composition in ecotone forests in northern Brazilian Amazonia: preliminary data
Abstract Background Ecotone has been defined as “a multi-dimensional environmentally stochastic interaction zone between ecological systems with characteristics defined in space and time, and by theExpand
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La reconstrucción de la memoria: la poesía peruana después de la violencia política 2000-2010
El presente trabajo analiza la ultima poesia peruana que articula y re- presenta la violencia politica que sufrio la sociedad peruana durante los anos ochentas y los anos noventas. Durante esas dosExpand